Toothbrush packaging

This packaging is incredibly shameful. I bought this set of two electric Oral-B toothbrushes from Costco, on sale. For two skinny brush handles and heads, two small chargers and two plastic carrying cases, so much packaging! And all that packaging is totally not needed. These are not extremely fragile items. The packaging could have been half to two thirds less and still provided safety to the the items. I feel outraged and disgusted.

Look how wide and deep the plastic molding is for these small items! I kick myself for seeing, but not really seeing, the packaging I was buying. I say it that way because we were in a hurry and it was one of the items wanted to pick up. As I put it in the cart I had a flash of thought that it seemed rather large packaging but I didn’t think it through anymore than that. I did, ironically, waffle over whether to buy grapefruits, avocados, limes and apples all in various kinds of plastic packaging. It wasn’t until I got home and opened the box for the toothbrushes that my brain kicked in to seeing just how much ridiculous packaging there was. And this was the day after watching the Marketplace episode on CBC about how only 9 percent of plastic we recycle actually gets recycled. The show showed mountains of plastic in dumps here and around the world, often being incinerated. This was two days after Friday’s world climate strike.

The worst part, I felt so disgusted with the packaging I felt I should return the toothbrushes to Costco, however I have been told that returned items often just get thrown out, and that would be a double waste. So I question again whether or not I should continue my Costco membership. The manufacturer, Oral-B, should not over package items; Costco should take responsibility and not purchase over packaged items from their suppliers. Customers should not buy over packaged products. Everyone has a responsibility at every level.

P.S. Another discussion, of course, would center around manual vs battery operated vs rechargeable vs other option: which is more environmentally friendly. Also where the balance is between what is best for our health vs the best for the environment.