The onion bag saga

I had such a dilemma in the grocery store today. Those plastic mesh type bags that onions and other produce come in have been really upsetting me these days.

The other day I vowed not to buy produce in those plastic mesh bags. I can see the mesh bag easily being torn into little tiny bits and winding up as micro bits of plastic. It is so unnecessary. At the grocery store today, the 3 lb bag was on for $2.99, which breaks down to about $1.00 per lb. I said to myself, go for the loose onions without the packaging. But the loose onions were $1.99 per lb, double the cost. If it was only onions then I could just pay the increased cost, but as my other blogs show, going for the environmentally better items is often more expensive and it all adds up. I thought again about the 3 lb bag. I use a lot of onions so loose onions could get really expensive. There was only one bag left and the onions in it did not look very good so I asked the produce guy if there were any more out back. He brought out a huge plastic mesh bag that had a bunch of 3 lb bags of onions in it. He cut open the big bag and put all the 3 lb bags on the shelf. There were a few loose onions in the bottom of the big bag so do you know where he put those? Over in the pile of $1.99 loose onions! So there is no difference at all between the expensive loose onions and the cheaper 3 lb bagged onions, and yet if I want to buy the loose ones to avoid packaging then I have to pay twice as much…for the same onions. I couldn’t believe it. Even if my budget can handle a few examples like this, how can it handle going completely packaging free? And what about the majority of budgets? Many people live pay cheque to pay cheque and may not be able to buy the more expensive non packaged items and so will continue to buy onions, for example, in plastic mesh type bags, which can’t be recycled here. Shameful of the store. And shame on me in the end for going with the mesh bag. Budget won out over the environment. I don’t yet know were to draw the line with this issue.