Rethinking bulk with an environmental lens

Grocery stores (and manufacturers) need to rethink their bulk items strategy with an environmental lens. Grocery stores often sell single and loose items at a higher price per unit than when they sell them in bulk. Either way they make money, customers buy less but pay a lot or they buy more. What grocery stores are unknowingly doing, I assume unknowingly, though is encouraging customers to buy more items in single use plastic. Many single and loose items come without packaging. Bulk items almost always come wrapped in packaging. Why can’t buying in bulk mean getting a deal on buying x amount of loose items? Like instead of a bag of ten apples, pick your own ten apples. Or instead of a six pack of kleenex wrapped in plastic, pick six boxes of kleenex. I would like to see how the Metros that are allowing people to bring their own containers are dealing with this issue.