Plugging along

My non-smelly garbage today: a bag of peppers from Costco, two mesh bags of avocados on sale, the usual cherry bag, one rubber glove and the bag my new rubber gloves came in (with 50% off stickers), packaging from my food processor, meat tray from a whole chicken and the plastic wrap and pad.

I feel guilty shopping at Costco now. Almost everything is packaged (not the pineapple, lol). Two bags of coffee, a bag of orange yellow red peppers, a bag of nuts, six boxes of baking soda so I can make my own cleaning products but they were wrapped in plastic. All a good deal cost wise, but all packaged. I am wondering if I should phase Costco out of my life.

Having a hard time getting a handle on zero waste because we are still getting new items for our condo so there always seems to be packaging. Of course the answer would be to stop buying things. I don’t see these things as frivolous though, for example I just bought a food processor and a grain mill to help make my own food so I don’t have to buy food in packaging and cans. In the long run I think I will lessen my garbage but in the short term I have the initial product packaging to deal with.