Pandering to the self centered

I am suddenly struck by just how much I am part of the environmental problem, despite my increased self awareness of late. What I am doing, like reducing my use of yogurt containers and carrying around my reusable bags, it is such a drop in the bucket it is almost pathetic. The issue is so pervasive, I just can’t get away from single use plastics and styrofoam trays, from packaging, synthetics, plastics. At the level of the individual, as long as people continue to buy based on “wants” rather than just “needs”, and “needs” only when their stuff is completely broken or worn out, then things won’t change. People all over the world have to change their whole perspective for change to happen, real change, away from new, convenient, fashionable, away from wants as opposed to needs; towards what is best for the community, for the future. They have to value life over things. Here in Ottawa the city is now allowing residents to put plastic shopping bags into the green bin. Shameful. And why? Because residents don’t like the ick factor of using the green bin. The city wants to increase compliance so they will allow plastic bags into the compost bin. Despite the environment being an important issue today, a crisis issue, selfish, self centered residents can’t even bring themselves to deal with the green bin. It is so shameful that residents can’t do this for the common good. Not everything in life is pleasant. Get over it. Composting, putting things in the green bin is such a easy way to help the environment. I am dying to have a green bin in my building, composting is the least we can do. I don’t know who I am mad at more, the city for pandering to selfish residents or the residents for being so selfish they can’t deal with a green bin. The environment affects everybody but it is not important enough for a large number of residents to actually propel them to do anything about it. A sorry state. And I am upset at the city for not requiring condo and apartment buildings to compost. It is only on a voluntary basis. So I read that out of 1700 buildings in the city, only 500 compost. So thousands and thousands of residents prepare food every day and all that compost goes into the land fill. Shameful. I understand provincial rules may be coming in the next year or so requiring buildings to compost (I will believe it when I see it) so I wrote to my condo manager to ask what our building is doing about moving towards composting and that we should be proactive and start now. The manager wrote back that the board is looking at the issue. That was it. I need to find a way to follow this up with the board.