Micro Fiber and Cotton

After learning about micro fibers from synthetic material winding up in fish I decided to buy natural fiber clothing and cloths when possible. For example, I needed more underwear and bought cotton ones. I also needed new dish towels and bought cotton ones. I will put aside my micro fiber cloths and use my old cotton dish towels as cleaning rags. Sounded like a good plan, until I watched a documentary on the Passionate Eye, “Fashion’s Dirty Secrets“, about how the fashion industry, including growing cotton, is causing environmental devastation. So what is one to do? I don’t want to use micro fiber material if I can help it, my washing machine does not have the special trap to catch the micro fibers from synthetic materials, I don’t want to participate in the devastation caused by growing cotton…

Well, as usual, reduce is my answer. For now I think buying natural fiber material is better than buying micro fiber material. Just buy less and less often. Cotton and cotton growing is not inherently bad. It’s quantity, a greed, that is bad. A lot of people buy way more clothes than they need, changing fashions with the seasons and the whims of fashion industry. People want new and people want more. And companies want more money so they produce more cotton. More more more. But if I buy a few pieces of natural fiber material, only what is needed, and I use them until they are worn out then I am not contributing to devastation and I am not sending more microfibers into the environment. This is my solution for now. And really thinking carefully before buying anything. Do I need it? Will I use it? Is it of a quality that will last a long time so I don’t have to buy more? How will it impact the environment?

One last thing. When I bought new cotton tea towels I thought the packaging was great. Four tea towels tied up with a ribbon. I can use the ribbon to tie up other things so that works under “reuse”. However, it wasn’t enough to have ribbon holding the towels together. The ribbon had to be secured to the towels with…plastic.

Two plastic hooks and all those little plastic fasteners right in the middle of the picture. Amazing.