Getting better

It has been a few weeks since I have posted. Here is the update on my progress:

I am in a routine of making yogurt now. About every 10 days I make two litres. Yum. As stated in an earlier post, I have eliminated yogurt containers but increased the number of milk bags which are not recyclable unfortunately…but I am regularly washing and reusing the milk bags instead of using baggies. So I am okay with this for now.

I started preparing to make my first loaf of bread today. Hopefully that means I won’t be buying bread in plastic bread bags…we will see how successful I am first, LOL. I also cooked my own chickpeas today so I don’t have to buy canned chickpeas, one less thing in my recycle bin.

My husband and I are mostly set up in the condo now so in the last couple of weeks we have had very little non-food packaging to deal with, which feels good. Paper and container recycling is so little now we take just a few things down to the bins once a week. Non-smelly garbage is so little now that it can build up for a couple of weeks in a small bag. And we throw out one small bag of other garbage a day – consisting of mostly food scraps and bathroom type garbage. If we had composting in this building then the throw out garbage would be very little right now.

I have been buying most produce at the ByWard Market at the fresh produce stalls so I haven’t had to deal with store packaging. I did check out the local butcher in the ByWard Market but I was not very impressed so I am still buying meat at the grocery store. However, in the last couple of weeks I make black beans, lentil koftas and chickpea falafels so we have been eating less meat. Less packaging and less meat is better for the environment.

I can’t help be a bit discouraged that even as I make my own food and have less packaging, I am of course using more energy.