Examining my recycling containers

Yogurt containers: I finally made my own yogurt yesterday and it is yummy. I have been excited to start making my own yogurt so I can reduce the number of yogurt containers going into my recycle bin. But alas, as so often happens with this environmental issue, what I thought was a good move is actually not. Yogurt containers are recyclable, if they make it to a recycling plant. Milk bags, which I will buy more of making my own yogurt, are not recyclable here in Ottawa. So I am actually moving towards more plastic waste not less. That makes me sick. However, I will continue to make my own yogurt because I think it is healthier for me. Maybe for yogurt I will buy milk in the recyclable two liter container, despite the higher cost. Milk bags I do wash and try to reuse but I can only reuse so many. Geesh.

Coconut milk: Can’t live without coconut milk based curries. At least it is a can and recyclable.

Applesauce containers: My husband likes applesauce. I often make it myself and freeze it in small containers. However, since we just moved into our condo I bought apple sauce. Initially I bought it in the easy and convenient six individual pack. Then I bought it in the bigger containers from Costco for vastly less in cost and divided it into my own small containers to freeze. Now that I am settled, I will make my own again when I can and reduce these containers in my recycle bin.

Beer can: A necessary evil, LOL.

Surprisingly few things in the recycle container bin over the last few days I am happy to see.