Examining my garbage

Over the last couple of weeks my garbage output has been reduced, in general, to one small compostable bag of stinky garbage (like food scraps) per day, or sometimes every two days. I have one plastic bag that goes out maybe once a week with non-stinky garbage that is not recyclable. About once a week I take paper/cardboard and recyclable containers downstairs to the recycle room so I don’t need to tie them up in a bag. Not bad. I can improve.

What is in the non stinky garbage? Things I hope to reduce more. Let’s take a look:

Carrot bag: Can’t always get loose carrots at the grocery store. Unfortunately the carrot bag comes with climate control holes in it so I can’t even try to reuse the bag. I can buy some loose carrots at the ByWard Market, but what will I do in winter?

Plastic mesh bag with a plastic tag: Balderson Cheese from Costco, 20 individually wrapped single servings. I used to buy them this way so the cheese stays fresh and they are easy to transport for picnics. I won’t be buying them this way anymore. Not only is there a plastic mesh bag to dispose of but 20 plastic wrappings too.

Chocolate wrappers: I should make my own chocolate…but until then?…

Cherry bags: Cherries don’t seem to come loose anymore. I am not sure I can give up cherries (and grapes…they come in those bags too). It’s a short season… But I could lodge a complaint with the stores.

Styrofoam meat tray: There is a butcher in the ByWard Market, I need to check it out.

I can reduce some of these things. Already today I gave up the less expensive bag of avocados in plastic mesh and bought a couple of loose ones. I have been buying a lot of my veg and fruit at the ByWard Market and just having the sellers dump the produce loose into my reusable grocery bag. Again, in winter it will be more of a challenge to go plastic free. I buy strawberries in a wooden box from a seller and return the box to be reused. And, for the first time, I took a container to the Bulk Barn to fill with oatmeal instead of using one of their plastic bags. I also took a couple of old Bulk Barn bags in case I needed to buy anything else, at least I can reuse the bags.

Lots of progress, lots of room to improve.