Environmental lens

I am trying hard now to purchase things through an environmental lens and balance that out with budget. But the fact is I just moved into this condo and had to completely furnish it right down to even having to buy a garbage can. I could not take the time to buy everything through an environmental lens. There was packaging everywhere. I had the kitchen ripped out when the cupboards were still in good condition because the cupboard space was not enough, I needed cupboards right up to the ceiling just to have enough (it is very small in here). What a waste. The sink is being changed and the faucet and the ugly counter top. I really did it to maximize space, but could I have made do instead? The counter and bottom cupboards had to be changed as well because I wanted a bigger fridge so I can make more of my own food. Could I have made do with the old fridge? Just swapped out the ugly counter for a new one? Does ugly matter? I didn’t pick the most expensive kitchen cupboard material, I didn’t need fancy quartz counter tops, I just wanted functional. But should I have just made do? Fashioned some increased storage out of baskets or something? Things like that get dusty and greasy, and it doesn’t look nice. There we have looks again. Although I don’t want fancy, I still want my space to look nice. So instead of making do and it not looking as nice in here, I ripped out good cupboards. But, I looked for a non synthetic area carpet! How pathetic. And nothing is second hand in here. It would have been nice to buy second hand, to reuse. I guess my own hope is that from this point on, now that my home is furnished, that I buy only through an environmental lens and I use everything until it is worn out or broken and can’t be fixed. To not buy more than I need and to try to reuse what I have, see if things have more than one functionality. I don’t have a car so I use my own steam (walking and biking) or public transportation, and occasionally a small fuel efficient rental. I have to change my attitude to see that looks don’t matter.