Clearance produce and packaging

I bought a few items of produce from the clearance table at the grocery store. Produce no one else wanted to buy for one reason or another, bruised, not the perfect colour, and now nearing its shelf life end. I bought a pineapple, a bunch of carrots and a bunch of asparagus. Normally these three items do not have packaging, except maybe for an elastic to hold them together (at least I can collect and reuse elastics). However, to distinguish these clearance items from the rest of the produce the store puts each item in a plastic produce bag, ties the bags up and puts a discount sticker on them. So I think I am doing a good thing by buying the less than perfect produce and keeping them from being thrown out needlessly, but to do that I have to buy them packaged in plastic when normally they wouldn’t be. I can’t win…or the environment can’t win. There must be a better way.