Dog, Moon and a Witch

“Ah, what’s this? Another wonderful drawing my little lichen darling! Hum, I see a dog looking up at a bright, full moon.” 
“Ya, and there is a witch flying in front of the moon, too!”
“A nice Halloween drawing.”

The Viking Ship

“Oh, lovely drawing lichen darling. Describe it to me.”
“Um, it’s a viking boat on the big ocean, um, there is a sun in the sky…oh, and a sea monster is swimming under the boat!”
“And I see a bird over the bow! What an adventure!”

In a Whisper

A moment in time.
I have to be in the present to see. 
To really see. 
I am. 
Low tide. A brief touch of orange glow as the sun sinks below the horizon.
But for a breath. I see the eternal spirit of the sand. Old. Wise.
I am enchanted. Intensely honoured.
In a whisper it is gone.