Be mindful when you are out

We had been doing so well lately. One bag of garbage per day or two days, very few containers or recyclables or paper or non stinky garbage or single use plastics. I am making my own bread, yogurt, salsa, guacamole; we are eating more beans and lentils and less meat so less meat packaging. How exciting. And then…we biked to see family and picked up bbq items on the way – two packages of ground beef each on a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic, two salads in single use plastic containers (separate bottoms and tops), three plastic packages of salad dressing that come with the salads, two packages of buns in plastic bags with plastic fasteners, package of hot dogs. Wow, 16 items of garbage, none of it recyclable. Good job! Not! We were in a hurry, trying to do quick and convenient, which almost always means it’s bad for the environment. It was a bit of a shocking experience after being so in control at home these last couple of months. So the lesson is to be very mindful when I go out. Picking things up unplanned, running into the corner store, going on a road trip, all potentials for creating more waste.