Open yourself.
To new. To different. To vulnerability.
Your habits. Your comfort zone. Why you do things the way you do.
Leap. Or even take baby steps.


About my site

Evolve. My photography. My art. My self.  My website. Evolve with me as I challenge my self to keep pushing the boundaries of my photography, my art projects and my self.


  • Focus:  Photographs that move me; experimentation
  • Stories:  Creative writing inspired by my photographs
  • Gallery:  Collections of my photography
  • Evolve: Blog on challenging myself in different areas

My promise to my self

I will not be inhibited by my insecurities. If I feel inhibited I will face it.
I will not strive for perfection. With perfectionist tendencies if I strive for perfect I will never post anything.
I will not feel guilty if I cannot post. Life happens, there is nothing to feel guilty about.

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert, I am just a student of life who is learning on the go.